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Latest Updates from Alpen Muesli
The Evolution of Breakfast over the past 100 years
2023-04-03   |    News

Breakfast has come a long way over the past century. From humble beginnings of porridge and toast, to the extravagant brunches of today, breakfast has...

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What does no added sugar mean?
2022-07-05   |    News

Our Alpen Muesli No Added Sugar offers a healthier start to the day while still providing the same great taste and ingredients of a traditional Swiss ...

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5 Tips to improve concentration today.
2022-05-25   |    News

Our levels of concentration play a significant role in how well we perform throughout the day. Being in a focused state or flow state helps one to be ...

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Time to add Swimming to your fitness routine?
2022-04-14   |    News

Looking for something new to try at the gym and not having much luck? Why not give swimming a go. Here are some of the main benefits of adding swimm...

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A Self-Care Checklist from Alpen Muesli
2022-03-30   |    News

As we head into the colder months of the year, it is important to take stock and check-in with yourself. Using a self-care checklist can be a useful t...

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5 Tips for New Runners
2022-02-23   |    News

Running is a fantastic way to stay healthy, get outside and socialize with like minded people. Getting started with running can be quite a challenge t...

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Why Dark Chocolate should be part of your diet
2022-01-27   |    News

Treat yourself to a morning bowl of Alpen Dark Chocolate Swiss Style Muesli. It's packed with goodness including loads of decadent dark chocolate. If ...

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3 Tips for goal setting in 2022
2021-12-27   |    News

2022 is finally upon us and after the last two years things feel like they might finally be getting back to some form of normal. With a new year comes...

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What makes Alpen Muesli different?
2021-11-29   |    News

**Did you know?** Alpen Muesli has been creating delicious Swiss Style muesli for 50 years in South Africa. Here are some other key differences betwe...

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5 Tips on getting fit the right way with Alpen Muesli
2021-10-14   |    News

Summer is just around the corner! Here are 5 tips to improve your fitness the right way with Alpen Muesli. **1) Make it attainable** When setting ou...

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50 Years of Alpen Original Swiss Style Muesli
2021-08-26   |    News

This month we celebrate 50 years of Alpen Original Swiss Style Muesli! Alpen Muesli has a rich heritage with our Original variant still being produced...

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Alpen Dark Choc Facts
2021-07-29   |    News

Treat yourself to a decadent bowl of Swiss Style Muesli each morning with out Alpen Dark Choc Muesli. What makes this a special treat is the addition ...

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Spring into Action - 5 amazing things to do this Spring in SA
2021-07-27   |    News

Spring is only a month away! Time to get planning your next local getaway. Here are 5 of our favourite uniquely South African spring getaways. **1) ...

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5 Tips to be your best in the time of Covid
2021-06-23   |    News

Covid 19 has been with us for sometime now and it looks like it might still be with us for a while to come. Here are 5 tips on dealing with this unpre...

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Get to know Alpen No Added Sugar
2021-05-17   |    News

Enjoy a bowl of expertly crafted Swiss Style Muesli each morning with Alpen No Added Sugar! Our No Added sugar variety contains all of the goodness yo...

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Wheat all about it
2021-03-22   |    News

Did you know, our Alpen Original Muesli is made up of 32% wheat flakes which help add great flavour and texture to each bowl of muesli. But did you kn...

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Do you really know your oats?
2021-01-22   |    News

It’s no secret that a bowl of oats is one of the healthiest breakfasts around, and two significant and distinct categories have sprung up around this ...

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Where it all started – A look back at the History of Alpen Muesli
2020-12-27   |    News

The very first bowl of 'Muesli' was served with orange juice in the early 1900s by Swiss physician, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, in his hospital, where ...

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Spring Cleaning – 5 Ways to simplify your life
2020-10-15   |    News

**1) Start Well** Starting your day with a delicious bowl of Alpen Muesli is a quick, healthy and delicious way to start your day with a win. Your bo...

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Change your summer mindset
2020-10-14   |    News

Yes! Summer is just around the corner. Warm sunny days, beach adventures and longer days here we come. But with summer comes a little social pressure ...

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Spring Clean your Day
2020-09-02   |    News

The arrival of spring is often seen as a time for action and change. While we are all for making big positive life changes, the pressure to tick all t...

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Tips on dealing with stress
2020-07-15   |    News

Stress is something that all of us have to deal with from time to time. It is a fundamental part of being human, but it shouldn’t get in the way of le...

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Beat the cold – Exercise from home this winter
2020-07-15   |    News

Dark icy mornings are enough to put anyone off getting out and active during the cold winter period. A nice warm bed is much more appealing! We are a...

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7 reasons to eat breakfast this morning!
2020-06-23   |    News

Here at Alpen we are just a little crazy about breakfast. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these 7 great reasons to start your day with ...

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5 Hidden Benefits of Exercise
2020-05-14   |    News

At Alpen Muesli we are all about promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle. As part of this approach, we know that exercise is an important piece of the ...

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Tips for a more energy filled life
2020-05-04   |    News

Feeling exhausted by the end of each day? Yes, we know the feeling! But fear not, with a few simple steps you can improve your energy levels and have ...

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5 Reasons to start your day with Alpen Muesli
2020-04-09   |    News

**1) A delicious way to start your day.** Our range of muesli options offers you 3 unique muesli experiences. From our decadent dark choc muesli to o...

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Power up from the comfort of your home
2020-03-10   |    News

With us all being at home a lot more lately, it can be quite tough to feel energized and motivated to get things done. But it does not mean that achie...

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Moving towards Mindfulness
2020-02-05   |    News

In our fast-paced lives, finding a few moments to quieten the mind can be a real reprieve. But achieving mindfulness can be a challenge for many. Here...

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Getting to know Alpen Muesli No Added Sugar
2020-01-01   |    News

At Alpen Muesli, we believe that everyone deserve to enjoy a bowl of healthy muesli the way they love it each morning. That's why we give you the opti...

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5 health tips for Summer 2019/2020
2019-10-25   |    News

Summer is just around the corner and here at Alpen Muesli we just can’t wait! Although summer comes with some amazing opportunities for fun, family an...

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The 101 on Swiss Style Muesli
2019-10-02   |    News

Alpen Muesli is a Swiss style muesli. Over the past 50 years, Alpen has used the age-old method of precisely blending raw rolled oats, wholegrain whea...

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Get to know Alpen Muesli
2019-09-17   |    News

Alpen Muesli offers a little bowl of something special for everyone, whether you are looking for a day-to-day muesli option, you are training for a sp...

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Tips on setting health goals:
2019-02-28   |    News

Deciding to work toward becoming a little healthier can be tough. We think goal setting can be super useful in getting you on your way to a healthier ...

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2018-06-13   |    News

It’s cold, wet and staying in bed that extra hour more just seems like the better option, am I right? Well, sadly not, because as soon as winter comes...

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Parkrun – run and get rewarded!
2018-05-09   |    News

As we fervently welcome on the warmer months, the hunt for new, fun and exciting outdoor activities begins. For those craving an enjoyable long walk ...

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