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Latest Recipes from Alpen Muesli
Apple Crumble Microwave Mug with Alpen Muesli
2022-05-31   |    Recipes

Looking for a quick treat to reward yourself for everything you have achieved this week? Look no further! Our fast to prepare single-serving Apple Cru...

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Alpen Muesli Protein Smoothie
2022-03-15   |    Recipes

Summer goals are achieved in Winter - kickstart your morning with this delicious, protein packed breakfast smoothie. **Ingredients** 1/2 Cup of Alpe...

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3 Fresh Ways to enjoy your Alpen Muesli in 2022
2021-12-31   |    Recipes

As the new year approaches we thought it would be fun to give you some unique options to enjoy your Alpen Muesli in new and exciting ways. **Origina...

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Decadent Alpen Muesli Cake
2021-11-08   |    Recipes

It's been a long year and it has been decided that we all deserve a little treat for all the effort we have put in - We present to you our Decadent Al...

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3 Awesome Alpen Muesli Fruit Salad Ideas for Summer!
2021-10-27   |    Recipes

Summer is finally here and we can't wait to try out some awesome Summer fruit combos with our morning bowl of Alpen Muesli. Here are some of our favo...

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Alpen Muesli No Added Sugar Honey Cupcakes
2021-08-07   |    Recipes

Looking for a sweet treat without all the added sugar? Look no further, our Alpen Muesli No Added Sugar Honey Cupcakes are quick, tasty and packed wit...

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Alpen Muesli Pear & Apple Crumble
2021-06-16   |    Recipes

- Treat yourself and your family to a delicious winter pudding with Alpen Muesli. Give our Alpen Muesli Pear & Apple Crumble a go. **Ingredients:** ...

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Alpen Dark Choc Chip Muesli Ice Cream
2021-05-24   |    Recipes

Give your family a treat with a fun play on our Alpen Dark Choc Swiss Style muesli. A super quick no churn ice cream with decadent shards of dark choc...

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Epic Alpen Muesli Bars
2021-04-27   |    Recipes

Take your snack game to the next level with the super easy and super tasty Alpen Muesli bars that you can make from the comfort of your own kitchen! ...

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Alpen Dark Choc Pancakes
2021-03-28   |    Recipes

With winter on its way we thought it was about time to create something to get you through those cold wintery mornings. Our Dark Choc pancakes are a r...

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3 Autumn Breakfast Bowls with Alpen Muesli
2021-02-28   |    Recipes

Autumn is almost upon us and with it comes an array of exciting seasonal fruit to take your next bowl of Alpen Muesli to the next level! Here are a ...

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3 Spring Alpen Muesli Bowls
2020-12-27   |    Recipes

Spring is upon us and with warmer days comes a barrage of spring fruit to pair with your morning bowl of Alpen Muesli. Here are 3 spring Muesli Bowls ...

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Stuffed Papaya
2020-08-05   |    Recipes

For an indulgent yet healthy alternative to turn your everyday breakfast into a treat, try mixing Alpen No Added Sugar Swiss Style Muesli with fresh p...

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Alpen Muesli Winter Warmer Biscuits
2020-06-10   |    Recipes

There are few things better than the smell of freshly baked biscuits on a wintery morning. Take this experience to the next level with this delicious ...

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Alpen Choc-Nut Seed Bar
2020-05-06   |    Recipes

Mix up your snack time with this delightful Alpen-inspired Choc Nut Seed Bar, providing you with wholesome goodness and guilt-free satisfaction. **In...

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Alpen Breakfast Muffin
2019-12-01   |    Recipes

Spice up your daily routine and indulge in a fresh ‘n’ fluffy Alpen Dark Chocolate Swiss Style Breakfast Muffin. **Ingredients:** 1 cup Nutty...

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Peanut Butter and Banana Alpen Muesli Cups
2019-09-01   |    Recipes

Brag at the next breakfast party with delicious Peanut Butter and Banana Alpen Muesli Cups - an alternative, healthy treat! Mixture makes 6. ![peanut...

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Alpen Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Apple Wedges
2019-04-02   |    Recipes

Treat yourself to a yummy Peanut Butter and Alpen Dark Chocolate Swiss Style Muesli coated Apple wedge. This healthy snack is super easy to make. ![c...

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Alpen Choc-Nut Smoothie
2019-01-02   |    Recipes

The Alpen Breakfast Smoothie provides you with all that you need to kick-start your day the healthy way. Simply gather the ingredients, blend and sip....

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Parfait your way ... to a tasty breakfast!
2018-11-25   |    Recipes

‘Parfait’ means ‘perfect’ in French – and there’s really nothing more perfect than a delicious breakfast parfait, packed with flavour ... and they’re ...

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Warm Alpen Breakfast Bowl
2018-11-01   |    Recipes

For a guilt-free indulgence, enjoy a bowl of steamy banana ‘n nut butter infused oats topped with Alpen Dark Chocolate Swiss Style Muesli, and add hon...

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Alpen Muesli Parfait
2018-10-01   |    Recipes

Dig into this easy-to-make breakfast cup. The layers of Muesli, yoghurt, banana and almonds, with a splash of honey are a tasty, easy way to start off...

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Alpen Dark Chocolate Swiss Style Muesli and Honey Trail Mix Bar
2018-08-01   |    Recipes

If you’re looking for a healthy treat then indulge in the crunchy tastiness of this Alpen bar. **Ingredients:** 500g Alpen Dark Chocolate Swi...

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