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5 Tips for New Runners

Running is a fantastic way to stay healthy, get outside and socialize with like minded people. Getting started with running can be quite a challenge though. Here are 5 tips we think can help when starting out.

1) Consistency
Getting into running takes lots of time and effort. The most important thing you can focus on is the long term. It is far better to run twice a week for the rest of your life than running everyday and getting an injury in a few weeks.

2) Nutrition
Your body is going to have to work really hard to support your new hobby. It is vital that you provide it with the nutrients and energy it needs to perform at it's best. Breakfast is a brilliant way to kickstart your energy levels. Alpen Muesli has 3 delicious Swiss Style Mueslis that offer just what your body needs in the morning or as a snack throughout the day.

3) Pacing
Running will take its toll on your body if you are not careful to pace yourself. It is far more kind to your body to start by walking more than you run and doing shorter distances. Slowly build up your strength and stamina and you will be much better positioned to have a long future of running ahead of you.

4) Get Social
South Africa offers a range of running clubs and events for all skill levels. Get involved and try to start running within a group setting. You will be amazed at what you will learn from seasoned runners and the fun you will have sharing your running experience with others.

**5) Explore **
We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Get out and explore on your runs. Making running interesting will help motivate you to continue to grow and improve.

To all the new runners we hope that the above tips help!