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Spring Clean your Day

The arrival of spring is often seen as a time for action and change. While we are all for making big positive life changes, the pressure to tick all the boxes can be quite overwhelming. We have come up with a quick list to spring clean your day (rather than your whole life).

1) Start with Breakfast

A simple, delicious, and healthy breakfast is a great way to kickstart your day without all the stress. Our range of Swiss Style mueslis offer a little something special for whatever life stage you are in.

2) Take a minute

Remember to take some time each day to reflect, plan and breath. A few minutes of down time can give you the headspace to perform at your best in stressful situations.

3) Exercise

While we understand that you will not always have the time to do a full workout each day, try to find a few minutes to get your heart rate up. Exercise is a great way to find clarity during the day and is sure to make you feel calmer and under control.

4) Do it now

If you have the time and you have task to complete, try and tick it off while you can. Getting into a habit of processing tasks in this manner will clear up your day and give you loads more time to focus on your own wellbeing.

5) Prioritise

It is important to start to think about the most important people and processes that need your attention each day. Try to prioritise these moments each day and try to be 100% present during this time.

While it may be difficult to simplify your life and make more time for what is important, starting with just one day is a great way to build a positive habit and grow as an individual.