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5 Tips to improve concentration today.

Our levels of concentration play a significant role in how well we perform throughout the day. Being in a focused state or flow state helps one to be more productive while saving time. Steven Kotler describes flow as a "state of effortless effort" in which we can achieve amazing things in short periods of concentrated effort. So, what steps can we take to improve our levels of concentration?

1) Detox from digital distractions
If you are needing to get something done the last thing you need getting in the way is a constant stream of digital distractions from social media, news, and entertainment sites. Put your phone on silent and close the social media pages on your browser and allow your brain to focus on the task at hand.

2) Feed your brain
If you want your mind to perform at its best, it is important to provide it with the fuel it needs to do so. A balanced diet including a nutritious breakfast will go a long way to powering up your mind for deeper levels of concentration.

3) Get Active
Exercise helps to boosts the brains levels of dopamine and other neuro-enhancing chemicals. Get a little exercise in before a big task to improve your concentration levels and reach that elusive flow state.

4) Sleep
Sleep plays an important role in revitalizing the mind and improve concentration levels. Try to get consistent sleep each night and remember to decrease the amount of screen time you have prior to sleeping.

5) Practice makes perfect
This tip comes in two parts. Firstly, the more you focus on improving your concentration levels the better they will become over time. It takes time to improve. Secondly, you can take active steps to practice concentration techniques such as mindfulness or meditation.