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5 health tips for Summer 2019/2020

Summer is just around the corner and here at Alpen Muesli we just can’t wait! Although summer comes with some amazing opportunities for fun, family and some time off, it also comes with the health side effects. Here are some tips for a healthy & happy summer season.

1) Moderation

Summer comes with many opportunities to indulge – and don’t get us wrong, we think you should! But, just remember to enjoy yourself in moderation.

2) Find Balance

The summer season can be a chaotic time for many people. The pressure to balance family, friends & some time off can be overwhelming. Remember to set aside some time for yourself!

3) Food

The summer season is often jam packed with events around food. Enjoy yourself but remember to try and balance this out with healthier meals when you are at home. A delicious bowl of Alpen Muesli is a great start in the morning!

4) Exercise

Make exercise part of your social time this summer. Meet up with some friends for a casual hike or walk through a beautiful part of your city or town. This is fantastic as you are able to see friends while still caring for your own needs.

5) Be ok if things don’t go to plan.

The summer season is all about having fun. So it makes no sense to put too much pressure on yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can only do your best and that should be enough!

We hope you all have a fantastic summer season filled with family, friends, time off and of course Alpen Muesli!