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What makes Alpen Muesli different?

Did you know?
Alpen Muesli has been creating delicious Swiss Style muesli for 50 years in South Africa. Here are some other key differences between our Muesli offerings and other muesli brands.

Alpen Muesli is made using the best quality ingredients. Our heritage of Swiss Precision means that each ingredient we add to our muesli is of the highest quality. Our ingredients provide a high fibre and wholegrain breakfast that is low in sodium and high in protein.

Swiss Style
Alpen Muesli is a Swiss Style Muesli - This means that our muesli contains raw oats and the ingredients are not baked. This means less sugar and a final product that is higher in nutrients and minerals.

Alpen Muesli is simply delicious and offers all palates a tasty start to the day!

Our Swiss Style Muesli comes in 3 unique varients. Our Original muesli has been manufactured the exact same way for 50 years. Our No Added sugar muesli take the Original recipe and removes any added sugar for a lighter start to the day. Finally we have our decadent Dark Choc muesli which takes our original muesli and adds shards of dark chocolate.