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Tips on setting health goals:

Deciding to work toward becoming a little healthier can be tough. We think goal setting can be super useful in getting you on your way to a healthier and happier body and mind. Here are some of our favourite goal setting tips.

  • Choose a health goal that you are passionate about achieving. Set a goal that really motivates you to achieve it.
  • Set challenging yet achievable goals. This can be a tough one, but setting realistic goals is super important in your journey to a healthier you. Also remember that you can always set a new goal once you reach your current one. In this way you can make incremental progress towards a healthier life.
  • Try make your goals about adding positive actions to your life and not about reducing the negative. If you think about goals in terms of what you need to do rather than what you need to remove from your life, then it can be easier and more motivating to achieve them.
  • Try make your goals smart. This means that they should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. By setting goals up according to the above system you are able to truly see whether you have achieved your goals and it gives one a better understanding of how you are doing in terms of your progress towards your goals.
  • Figure out the easy individual changes you can make to help your work towards your goal. If you are aiming to lose weight for example, changing your breakfast could be an easy step that would have significant results.

No matter your goals or where you are on your health journey, the fact that you have goals is fantastic! Try implementing some of the steps above the next time you sit down and create your new set of goals.