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Beat the cold – Exercise from home this winter

Dark icy mornings are enough to put anyone off getting out and active during the cold winter period. A nice warm bed is much more appealing!

We are all about compromise so here are some reasons to exercise from home this winter.


A quick workout before you shower in the morning can take less than 15 minutes. Any combination of cardio and strength training should be good.


You don’t need any equipment to get in some good exercise from home. Bodyweight exercises are super popular and easy to follow along to.


Working out from home can be a bit of a “choose your own adventure” – You can in charge, choose your music, choose what you will do and for how long.


The internet is jam packed with excellent workout guides and videos that can guide you through a workout at your specific level.


Working out from home in winter has one massive benefit – you get to stay out of the weather while still working on your health journey.

Winter can be a tough time to stay active and healthy. Hopefully some of the reasons above have inspired you to start exercising a little from home <3