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Where it all started – A look back at the History of Alpen Muesli

The very first bowl of 'Muesli' was served with orange juice in the early 1900s by Swiss physician, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, in his hospital, where a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables was an essential part of therapy. The inspiration for this meal was a similar "strange dish" that he and his wife were served on a hike in the Swiss Alps.


In 1971 Weetabix’s marketing director was visiting Switzerland when he was served his first taste of Swiss style muesli during breakfast. He returned to create Alpen, based on Bircher-Benner’s recipe and this has remained unchanged to this day.

Alpen is the original Swiss style muesli, made from only finest natural ingredients that have been expertly blended to deliver a deliciously tasty and healthy high fibre cereal. It is a whole grain breakfast of rolled oats, fruits and nuts with no preservatives or artificial flavours or colours.

Every single ingredient in Alpen is there for a reason.