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Latest Recipes from Nutrific
Nutrific Fruit & Fibre Poached Pears
2022-07-19   |    Recipes

You deserve something special on a cold winters evening. Give our Nutrific Fruit & Fibre Poached Pears recipe a try for a mid winter treat. **Ingred...

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Nutrific Fruit & Fibre Snack Bombs
2022-05-18   |    Recipes

Looking for a new treat for you and your family to enjoy? Try our simple Fruit and Fibre Snack Bomb recipe for a nutritious and tasty treat perfect fo...

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Nutrific Fruit & Fibre Ginger Biscuits
2022-04-20   |    Recipes

Get baking with Nutrific Fruit and Fibre. The delicious Fruit & Fibre packed ginger biscuits are quick, easy and nutritious. **Ingredients** 160g se...

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#overnightnutrific Banoffee Pie Recipe
2022-03-29   |    Recipes

You've made it through the first 3 months of the year - you deserve a treat from Nutrific! Give this delicious #overnightnutrific Banoffee Pie recipe...

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3 Nutrific Breakfast bowls for cold mornings
2022-02-28   |    Recipes

Can you believe that Autumn is just around the corner? With the change of season, colder mornings are a new reality. Luckily we have some awesome idea...

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#overnightnutrific Cheesecake Recipe
2022-02-23   |    Recipes

Have your tried the latest foodie trend using Nutrific Wholewheat biscuits? Create a delicious cheese cake like treat with your favourite breakfast bi...

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Nutrific Porridge Ideas
2022-01-22   |    Recipes

Making a tasty porridge from Nutrific is super easy and gives you many exciting options to try for your morning breakfast. Simply soak your biscuits i...

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Nutrific Banana Pancakes
2021-12-31   |    Recipes

Super simple 3 ingredient pancakes - perfect for rushed mornings. **Ingredients** 1 large ripe banana 2 eggs 2 Nutrific Wholewheat biscuits Butter...

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3 Fun Ways to Enjoy Nutrific Fruit & Fibre this Summer
2021-11-24   |    Recipes

Earlier this year, the Nutrific team introduced Nutrific Fruit & Fibre to South Africa - This fruit packed breakfast cereal has been a real hit across...

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Nutrific Fruit & Fibre Christmas Cake Cookies
2021-10-29   |    Recipes

Christmas is just around the corner and we thought it was the perfect time to present you with a unique Christmas treat including your favourite Nutri...

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Nutrific Nutriflakes Banana Bomb Shake
2021-08-17   |    Recipes

Looking for a simple, quick and tasty way to start your day with Nutific? Try our super delicious Nutrific Nutriflake Banana Bomb Shake. Ready in less...

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No Bake Nutriflake Snack Bars
2021-07-12   |    Recipes

With the arrival of newest member of our family, Nutrific Nutriflakes, we have some exciting new opportunities to create some delicious recipes. Today...

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Nutrific Fruit & Fibre Protein Bombs
2021-06-23   |    Recipes

Take your snack game to the next level with these super easy Protein Bombs. **What you need:** - 2 Cups Pitted Dates - 1 Cup of Nutrific Fruit & Fi...

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Nutrific Fruit & Fibre Banana Bread
2021-05-18   |    Recipes

Looking for a unique way to enjoy our newest Nutrific product? Give our Nutrific Fruit & Fibre banana bread a go! **Ingredients** 3 ripe bananas 75...

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Nutrific Fruit & Fibre Parfait
2021-04-28   |    Recipes

Nutrific Fruit and Fibre is our new kid on the block but that doesn't mean we haven't thought about some new ways you can enjoy this brand new breakfa...

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Nutrific Breakfast Bliss Balls from Miscara & Mimosas
2021-02-28   |    Recipes

The perfect anytime snack - packed with goodness and super quick to prepare! **Ingredients** ½ cup raisins and/or dried cranberries 1 tbsp peanut bu...

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Miscara & Mimosas' Apple and Cinnamon Flapjacks
2021-02-25   |    Recipes

We are absolutely in love with this incredible recipe from SA lifestyle and parenting blogger Miscara & Mimosa! **Ingredients** 1 apple chopped fine...

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Supercharge your Super Morning with Nutrific & Blueberries!
2021-01-24   |    Recipes

Start your morning with a energy packed bowl of delicious Nutrific with a decadent topping of a simple blueberry jam. To make the simple blueberry j...

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Nutrific Green Smoothie
2020-12-17   |    Recipes

Need a quick pick me up on a busy morning? Get a delicious balanced start to the day with a nutrient packed green smoothie with a little added Nutrifi...

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3 Fruity & Fun Nutrific Bowls
2020-11-19   |    Recipes

While we know a classic bowl of Nutrific and milk is a winner each morning, we cannot help but be a little adventurous from time to time. Creating a u...

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Nutrific No-Bake Cheesecake
2020-10-08   |    Recipes

Take your favourite start to your morning and turn it into a decadent dessert. This super simple but delicious No-Bake Cheesecake is a real winner. *...

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Terrific Nutrific Crunchies
2020-08-12   |    Recipes

A Nutrific Twist on a South African classic **Ingredients:** 375g Room Temperature Butter 2tsp Bicarb 3 tbsp Golden Syrup 155g of Oats 75g of crumbl...

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Nutrific No Bake Choc Bars
2020-07-09   |    Recipes

Make a healthy anytime snack with Nutrific. **What you will need:** 5 Nutrific Biscuits 1 Cup Pitted Dates 1/2 Cup sunflower seeds 1/2 Cup desiccat...

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Berries + Nutrific Frozen Yoghurt
2020-06-02   |    Recipes

With Spring just a few weeks away we thought you might enjoy a new way to experience your morning bowl of Nutrific! **Ingredients** 4 cups of frozen...

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5 Fancy Nutrific Breakfast Treats
2020-05-06   |    Recipes

A classic bowl of Nutrific is a winner every morning, but that doesn't mean you can't give it a twist from time to time and treat yourself. Here are s...

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Nutrific Chocolate Shake
2020-03-19   |    Recipes

We have combined two of our favourite things (Nutrific & Chocolate) to create a delicious, decadent chocolate shake packed with nutrients. **Ingredie...

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Nutrific Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Bomb
2019-12-19   |    Recipes

Nutrific and Banana is an age old winner but you probably haven’t tried it like this before! The ultimate smoothie experience for anyone on the go. *...

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5 Way we love to eat Nutrific
2019-11-14   |    Recipes

**With Fruit** We are crazy about adding fruit to our morning bowl of Nutrific. From fresh berries to scrumptious banana, a little fruit can really m...

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Nutrific Chia & Strawberry Shake
2019-09-18   |    Recipes

Get that summer vibe delivered right to your kitchen this morning! Enjoy a delicious Nutrific shake with healthy chia and strawberry. A power packed b...

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Nutrific chewy biscuits
2019-07-17   |    Recipes

Looking for a treat to add to your families lunchboxes? Try these delicious Nutrific chewy biscuits – high in fibre and super tasty too! **Ingredient...

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A winter warmer from Nutrific
2019-06-12   |    Recipes

A quick bowl of porridge from Nutrific that will help make icy mornings a little more bearable. Serves: 2 Prep Time: 2min Cook Time: 5min **Ingred...

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The ultimate Nutrific smoothie!
2019-04-10   |    Recipes

Super easy, super tasty and packed with nutrients to fuel your day! This smoothie recipe is a real winner for rushed mornings. **Ingredients:** 1 N...

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Take your nugget game to the next level!
2019-03-08   |    Recipes

Crunchy, tasty and healthy – these nuggets will be a real winner with the kids. **Ingredients:** ***For the nuggets*** - 2 tbsp mayonnaise - 2 chic...

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Nutrific Blueberry Muffins..
2019-01-05   |    Recipes

A delicious, fruit filled healthy snack that will have you and your family rushing back for more. The perfect way to fuel your day! Makes 12 muffins ...

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Chocolate and Coconut Nutrific Truffle
2018-12-27   |    Recipes

This Nutrific-inspired truffle is a delicious chocolatey accompaniment to any meal of the day; it even makes great finger-food! **Ingredients:** 8x ...

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Nutrific Tropical Smoothie
2018-11-27   |    Recipes

This blend of ingredients creates the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack, with guaranteed nutritional benefits and taste bud satisfaction. **Ingred...

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Nutrific Chocolate Smoothie
2018-10-31   |    Recipes

Try this tasty smoothie for breakfast or for an afternoon snack. Packed with yoghurt, avocado, chocolate and the goodness of Nutrific, this smoothie w...

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Nutrific Fruit Bread
2018-10-26   |    Recipes

Add some nutrition and colour to your breakfast with a slice of this delicious Nutrific Fruit Bread. It can be enjoyed with a preserve of your choice,...

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Nutrific Mocha Smoothie
2018-09-06   |    Recipes

Fuel your day with this Nutrific and espresso infused smoothie. You can’t go wrong with all these flavours blended together in one recipe! **Ingredie...

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Nutrific Berry Breakfast Trifle
2018-08-01   |    Recipes

In the mood for something decadent? The Nutrific Biscuit, with double cream yoghurt, berries and nuts will impress any breakfast guest! **Ingredients...

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Nutrific Carrot-Cake Muffin
2018-04-10   |    Recipes

This delicious, wholesome and fruit-filled Nutrific Carrot-Cake muffin is a sure way to fuel your day! Mixture makes 12 muffins. **Ingredients:** 2x...

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Nutrific Tropical Breakfast Trifle
2018-02-06   |    Recipes

Add some flavour to your morning with this quick and easy to make Nutrific Tropical Breakfast Trifle. Layers of Nutrific, fruit, yoghurt and almonds, ...

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