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3 Fruity & Fun Nutrific Bowls

While we know a classic bowl of Nutrific and milk is a winner each morning, we cannot help but be a little adventurous from time to time. Creating a unique Nutrific breakfast experience does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Check out these 3 simple fruit bowls.

Banana Bowl

This one is a real winner. Simply add a sliced banana over the top of your Nutrific. Want to take it to the next level? Why not pan fry your banana in a little sugar to create a caramel banana treat for those special mornings?

Strawberry Chia Bowl

Looking for something a little different? Slice up a few ripe strawberries and add them to your Nutrific bowl. Pour over your preferred milk option and add a teaspoon of chia seeds. The combination of sweet and tangy strawberries and the creamy mixture of Nutrific and chia is delicious!

Coffee & GrapeFruit Bomb Bowl

This might be the simplest of them all but once you try it you will be rushing back for more. Add your preferred number of Nutrific biscuits to your bowl and make a cup of milky coffee as you normally would. Then instead of adding milk to your Nutrific, pour over your freshly brewed cuppa and a few segments of Grapefruit for a citrus kick. The perfect kickstart for a cold morning!