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3 Fun Ways to Enjoy Nutrific Fruit & Fibre this Summer

Earlier this year, the Nutrific team introduced Nutrific Fruit & Fibre to South Africa - This fruit packed breakfast cereal has been a real hit across the nation. Now that summer has arrived, we thought you might enjoy some fun ways to eat your morning serving of Nutrific Fruit & Fibre.

1) Shake it up

Nutrific Fruit & Fibre is packed with goodness and it the perfect base for any shake. Simply add a serving with some fruit and ice and blend for a quick healthy snack. Busy summer mornings sorted!

2) Summer Treats
Nutrific Fruit & Fibre helps to make one incredible (and healthy) summer trifle. Simply add layers of Nutrific Fruit & Fibre, Fresh Fruit and Greek Yoghurt to a large dish and enjoy! The perfect healthy treat for hot summer days!

3) Keep it simple
We believe the Nutrific Fruit & Fibre is best served simple - just and the milk of your choice and enjoy. Nutrific Fruit & Fibre is packed with fruit and contains loads of fibre.

Here's to an amazing Summer with super mornings powered by Nutrific!