We believe there are at least 1000 ways to eat this tasty cereal biscuit. We are so confident, in fact, that we’ve dedicated a whole website to showcase the first 1000! See them all here and then try them all to find your favourites:

For some good old-fashioned recipes using Nutrific, try these classics:
Nutrific chewy biscuits
A winter warmer from Nutrific
The ultimate Nutrific smoothie!
Take your nugget game to the next level!
Nutrific Blueberry Muffins..
Chocolate and Coconut Nutrific Truffle
A Nutrific-licious spin on dessert…
Nutrific Tropical Smoothie
Indulgent Nutrific fruity-ness on the move.
Nutrific Carrot-Cake Muffin
A nutritious sweet treat crammed with fruity goodness.  
Nutrific Tropical Breakfast Trifle
Nutritional and easy-to-make breakfast in a glass.
Nutrific Chocolate Smoothie
Nothing more decadent for breakfast than chocolate!
Nutrific Fruit Bread
Home baked bread that screams health!
Nutrific Mocha Smoothie
An on-the-go treat with a little something extra…   
Nutrific Berry Breakfast Trifle
A breakfast feast in minutes!