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The History of Nutrific

Some of us dream of the perfect breakfast cereal, and some of us make it our life’s purpose to find it. One such person was Bennison Osbourne, an Australian businessman, who was sick and tired of the subpar breakfast cereals available to him. So in 1928, he created his own.

With an almost perfect recipe, his wholegrain wheat biscuit quickly gained popularity finding its way into millions of breakfast bowls.

Cut to 1932 England, and with a few tweaks to the recipe, Bennison and his partners created Weetabix – currently the U.K.’s number one selling breakfast cereal and an iconic global brand.


Now you’re probably thinking, “Hang on a second. Isn’t this”

Well in 1996, Alpen Food Co. began making the very first Nutrific biscuits right here in S.A. – Cape Town to be exact – following the processes of its British parent company. Using identical recipes, this unassuming little cereal biscuit has become a highly versatile breakfast favourite in our highly versatile country.
Hot, cold, sweet or savoury, Nutrific is the wholegrain essential that belongs in every kitchen.