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5 Interesting Way to Use Nutrific in your Next Meal

Nutrific is an awesome way to start your day. Quick, Tasty and Nutritious, Nutrific ticks all the boxes for a busy family. But did you know that Nutrific can be used for more than just breakfast? Here are some quick fun ideas to try out with your next box of Nutrific.

1) Crumb, Crumb, Crumb

Nutrific makes a brilliant alternative to breadcrumbs for a variety of crumbed meals. Mix in your favourite herbs and spices and enjoy a new twist on a favourite. We recommend trying crumbed chicken breasts!

2) Shake it up

Looking for a super quick healthy snack? Add 2 Nutrific biscuits to your next shake to make it go a little further. You won't be dissapointed with the results :)

**3) Sweet Treats **

Nutrific is great in a variety of sweet options from muffins to pancakes or biscuits. This is a great option for kids as you are still able to add a little Nutrific goodness to their treats.

**4) Hot **

While this might be old news to some, Nutrific is great served with hot milk. This combination is perfect for cold winter mornings (afternoons or evenings too in our book).