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5 Reasons to try Nutrific Fruit & Fibre breakfast cereal

1) Tasty
In recent research 84% of customers enjoy the taste of Nutrific Fruit & Fibre cereal. Our brand new cereal is jam packed with flavour and is sure to keep you and your family smiling each morning.

**2) Nutritious **
Nutrific Fruit & Fibre is nutritious and provides a well balanced start to the day. With 9.8g of protein per 100g our breakfast cereal is sure to provide you with the nutrients you need to perform at your best.

3) Packed with Fibre
With 102.g of dietart fibre per 100g, Nutrific Fruit & Fibre provides you with a boost of fibre each morning. Fibre plays a vital role in maintaining overall gut health.

4) Wholegrain
Nutrific Fruit & Fibre is made with wholegrain meaning is it naturally higher in nutrients and fibre. Eating foods high in wholegrain have a variety of health benefits including lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

5) Extra fruity
We've made it easier to get your morning bowl of fruit packed cereal. Nutrific Fruit & Fibre contains an exciting mix of fruit including raisin, pear, apple and banana.