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About Alpen Food Company

Welcome to the Alpen Food Co. website. 

At AFCo. we believe that balanced and wholesome nutrition is essential to a life of excellence. To be at your best, you need fuel to sustain you throughout your day. 

AFCo. has been manufacturing breakfast cereal since 1996.  Fifty percent owned by Weetabix Limited, headquartered in the United Kingdom, and manufacturers of well-known and highly popular Weetabix cereal biscuits and Alpen Mueslis, we have over 100 years of collective experience in nutritious breakfast options. 

Our brand promise is to fuel your day, at any time, no matter who you are.  We bring you convenient, nutritionally balanced, whole food options giving you all the vitality and energy you need.  We care about keeping you healthy, happy and active and we give you the best choices for your whole family.