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5 Fancy Nutrific Breakfast Treats

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A classic bowl of Nutrific is a winner every morning, but that doesn't mean you can't give it a twist from time to time and treat yourself. Here are some of our favourite ways to enjoy Nutrific with a twist. 

1) Chocolate
It's no suprise that adding a little chocolate to your morning bowl of Nutrific will create something special. We love to add a handful of choc chips over our morning bowl from time to time. 

2) Fruit Salad

Nutrific is the perfect base for a tasty bowl of fruit salad. We love this combination with a dollop of double cream yoghurt! 
3) Custard
Now this one is really a treat, and is great as a pudding after dinner. Replace milk with custard and enjoy a crunchy, creamy Nutrific adventure. 

4) Parfait 
Another twist on a classic - create a delicious layered dessert with Nutrific, Cream, Jam and your favourite fruit toppings. 

5) Double Thick Shake

Nutrific is fantastic in your morning shakes. Blend yoghurt, milk, your favourite fruit and nutrific to make a deliciouis thick shake that will keep you going throughout the day.