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Festive & Fabulous!

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Festive & Fabulous


The festive season is all fun and games until you find yourself at the shops at the 11th hour, frantically rushing to get everything together. This year avoid the frenzy with our simple tips and tricks to help you make the most of the holidays!



Set up a game plan

Playing host over the festive season can strike fear in the heart of even the most organised of homemakers, so start off by outlining a plan of action. Whip out a notebook and spend at least 20 min nailing down a menu and a comprehensive shopping list. Remember your trusty staples can be used in multiple ways, for example Alpen as a delicious oatmeal replacement in muffins! 



Shop in advance

Before the shops become flooded with holiday shoppers, go to your nearest store and stock up on everything you’ll need for peak holiday time. Shopping any time from the 23rd can be stressful to say the least so buy whatever you can in bulk. For example, frozen berries can be added to breakfast smoothies still frozen, thawed and mixed into yoghurt & Alpen muesli, or added to salads or desserts.



Accept help from absolutely anyone that offers. Hosting over the festive season can be not only overwhelming but also super costly. Don’t be afraid to send guests recipe links of dishes they could possibly bring. People will love helping and being part of the preparations.

Make as much as you possibly can in advance e.g. gravy, or cranberry sauce. Kids make for great sous chefs and they will also love making memories in the kitchen with mom.
At the end of the night, make clean-up a fun social event for guest/family by playing some holiday songs while everyone helps wash up.


Stock up

Keep your cupboard or pantry stocked with healthy snacks for you to munch on throughout the day. This will not only keep your sugar levels stable, but it will also help you stay full between meal times.


Enjoy yourself

The most important thing about the holidays is that you use the time to unwind, relax and treat yourself.

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From the Alpen muesli family to yours, have a wonderful festive season.